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Professional gutter cleaning in Auckland is simple without a ladder

October 9, 2023


Professional gutter cleaning in Auckland is simple without a ladder

As you know just too well, your roof gutters are a long way up and not precisely the simplest things to handle. Well, to clean them, you have to climb to the top of the ladder. If your ladder is broken, or you don’t have one, or you just don’t like heights, there is no requirement to sit around watching your gutters become clogged. There are other ways of professional gutter cleaning in Auckland without needing a ladder.

Let’s start with one of the simplest non-ladder techniques of professional gutter cleaning in Auckland. A controlled stream of water will wash away minor debris and remove it from your gutters. That is conveniently accomplished with a telescopic hose attachment available at the garden centers or the hardware stores. Definitely, this technique might leave you a bit wet and slightly on the untidy side, but at least your gutters will be pristine clean.

Another efficient way to clean your gutters without the use of a ladder is a gutter vacuum. These tools clean your hardly reachable gutters while you keep your feet strongly placed on the ground. With a gutter vacuum, you can execute the job and stay much drier than if you were using a hose.

The third technique is gutter cleaning tongs which grab the debris and lift it directly out of the gutters. Move the tools by using a rope attached to a metal pole which can be extended to the height specifications of your gutter.

The fourth and the final technique is one of the most common. Yes, it is the use of rake attachments or brush which can help in the release of debris and cake-on mud accumulated in your gutters over the months or years. This is an excellent option if it has been a while between gutter cleanings.

Obviously, there is always a better option for professional gutter cleaning in Auckland

While all the above techniques are quite good and safe options speaking of cleaning gutters without a ladder, there is always a better way. It is the one that provides you the best results and makes life simple on yourself. That is, obviously, to call the professionals. At So Clean Exterior Wash, we offer different kinds of gutter cleaning services in Auckland. Give us a call today and we will do an excellent job there while you unwind down at ground level. And don’t worry, we will provide the ladder!

Gutters frequently stays out of sight and out of mind, silently carrying out their duty without drawing much attention. Still, these important components can quickly become congested with debris and leaf. Hiring soft wash methods to cleanse your gutters is a vital aspect of maintaining your home’s well being. Here are some signs that it is time for a comprehensive gutter cleaning.

Indicative sagging

When your gutters start to sag or droop, it is a clear sign that a detailed cleaning is overdue. This sagging suggests a considerable accumulation of debris in the tough leading to water accumulation and thereby saggy gutters.

Undesired intruders in your gutters

The presence of rodents, squirrels, birds and other creatures in your gutters frequently signifies the presence of accumulated debris that can serve as an intimate nesting spot. If you spot these creatures emerging from the gutters, it is a strong sign of debris buildup. 

Take an action today!

Enlisting the services of professional gutter cleaning can protect the well being and durability of your gutters. Reach out to So Clean Exterior Wash for a detailed solution.

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Tracey FreeTracey Free
20:48 15 Sep 23
SoClean were excellent at communicating and very professional. The job was amazing our house and drive now sparkle.We will be a client for life. Highly recommend!
Alex PowrieAlex Powrie
20:44 15 Sep 23
We had the house washed and pavement cleaned. Luis was friendly and professional and takes pride in his work. The work was very affordable. 100% would recommend.
Lynda HartsonLynda Hartson
19:20 15 Sep 23
Professional, friendly great communication, reliable. Would definitely use again.
Kim WannenburgKim Wannenburg
04:49 14 Sep 23
Prompt service , efficient and quick!
maria chapmanmaria chapman
02:06 12 Sep 23
This is the 2nd time i have used So Cleans service and I cant speak highly enough of what they do. The communication and job was amazing, from start to finish, very professional. Great value for money and more. Thank you the team @ SO Clean
23:21 04 Jun 23
Excellent service Luis did a wonderful job cleaning our house. Turned up on time was friendly and helpful. Nothing too much trouble. We are delighted with the outcome and happy to use them again.
Luis was fast, no-fuss and less than half the price quoted by another company recommended to us. Shop Around, People! Beautiful before and after photos were a great touch as we are rarely at the property. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend So Clean. Thanks for making this happen, Luis.
Mohsen YazdanianMohsen Yazdanian
05:00 29 May 23
These guys are amazing. I just gave them a call for a downpipe from gutter which looked blocked with leaves. Luis came the same day (after an hour) to my house, quickly could clean the downpipe. He kindly completed work with a good faith. Also as it was a minor work he did not charge me for the work. Thanks Luis.
Toni DaleToni Dale
08:47 07 May 23
Luis helped us with a gutter and solar panel clean. He did a fabulous job and cleaned some patches of lichen off the roof while he was up there. He was quick to respond to get us a quote, reasonably priced, and managed to fit us in without a long wait. He even came back and helped me with some loose deck roof panels after a big storm. I would gladly use Luis again and highly recommend him.